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We at 'thinkhealthydrinks' try to bring you the best links to alternative drinks where the ingredients are naturally source and are genuinely good for the body. Nothing can substitute the natural hydrating properties of good old water, but sometimes that’s boring and bland, the taste buds require that bit more and we tend to get tired of it, especially the younger generation. 

So we have tired and tested drinks from all over the world that claim to have mass benefits to the body or are produced using all natural, organic, raw ingredients. Our motivation behind this comes from the rise of energy drinks that contain enormous amounts of sugar and the rise of artificial sweeteners present in juices and sodas!    

Our service

We want to provide you with a easy to use friendly gateway into the world of natural beverages and help to guide you in making the right choice if your trying to avoid certain ingredients for health conditions or lifestyle choices.   

The drinks

The links to the drinks we include and list on our website have been tried and researched by our team.  

We also go that one step further and try to give you as much information about each drink by giving you a realistic and in some cases scientific breakdown on regular consumption. There is a easy guide that we’ve created that helps explain all of the different drinks we promote on Thinkhealthydrinks.   

Drink Categories

Big Brand Beverages - Natural Juices

All of the best from the big drinks companies. We only include those that use natural ingredients and are free of artificial sweeteners such as 'aspartame'

Independent Natural Juice Drinks

Here you'll find the best of the independent drinks companies using all natural ingredients included juices and smoothies 

Totally Organic

All the drinks you will find here use natural organic ingredients - strictly NO GMO

Other Natural Tonic Solutions

Natural liquid remedies used through the centuries for there health benefits

Other Natural Tonic Solutions

Natural liquid remedies used through the centuries for there health benefits

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